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Jess Reimer

La Riviere, MB

Straight out of the rolling Pembina Hills, Jess Reimer re-emerges as
an acute songwriter and musician.  Take a trip back in time
to when country music on the radio was cool, the music was honest and
the words made you feel it.  Jess’ recently released album “Sweet
Darling and Sorrow”, produced by Grant Siemens, is a collection of songs that is sure to impress
Country, Americana and Folk music fans.  Recorded at Dudge Records in the middle of somewhere,,,  Jess performs with Jeremy Hamm, talented player/builder/lover of guitars, who backs her up with tight harmonies and instrumental breaks that keep things charged. Musical guests include Grant Siemens, Keri Latimer, Dwayne Dueck, Linda Hiebert, Doug Reimer and Gil Dudgeon. Jess, Jer and their record are alt – something with a distinct Winnipeg/S.Manitoba sound!

Contact info:

Jess Reimer
box 213 La Riviere, MB
R0G 1A0



Lulu and the TomCat

Roland, MB

“Creative, energetic, enthusiastic, very child friendly, with a highly interactive stage show,
a musical extravaganza of sing-alongs, storytelling, puppetry and participation. A wonderful
atmosphere of fun and laughter, with a  colourful catalogue of tunes… a fresh and fun
approach to ‘edu-tainment.’ ” These multiple award winning “cool cats” have toured in Cuba,
western and central Canada, performed on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for Canada Day, played at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and represented Canada at the World Expo in Japan.

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Steinbach, MB

3molPlaut has been performing for Low-German audiences since 2006.  Translated it means 3 times flat (flat – a common term for Low-German).  Vern and Christina Neufeld along with Ken Sawatzky share a passion for Low-German and comedy.

The music they perform has a upbeat folksy feel to it, and the topics they sing about relate to everyday life seen from a humorous perspective.  They are sure to bring some culture to this years festival with their energetic, upbeat show and offbeat humor.

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Ravae McDonald

Altona, MB

Ravae is a farm girl from southern Manitoba. The peace and tranquility of country life allows her to write music about personal experiences. As a 16 year old, she sings insightful love songs with her guitar and draws the audience into the longings of her heart. She just completed recording her first demo in early 2011 called “Looking For You” and is hoping to record a full-length CD by the end of 2011. Ravae has performed at Art Shows, Canada Day celebrations, and Songwriter’s Circles. She was recently featured on “Made in Manitoba” Golden West Radio, and performed at the 2011 Back 40 Festival.

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Rachel Ashley

Graysville, Manitoba

Hey, I’m Rachel. I’m a highschool student who lives on a farm near the small town of Graysville, Manitoba. All my life I have always sang, whether it may be on a restaurant table at the age of 4, in the shower, or infront of anyone and everyone, anywhere. Over the past year I taught myself guitar and have found that my favourite thing to do is write songs about what is happening in my life and how I feel about it. I have been fortunate enough to perform at the Back 40 Festival and the Winnipeg Folk Festival and I am now part of a group called the ‘Eh’ Team. I love being in the spotlight as much as I love summer time, and having the last word, and I can see myself writing and performing music for the rest of my life. 🙂

Contact info: or

Kurtis Gibson

Brandon, MB

With a large percentage of today’s music being quite generic and clichéd, honesty can be a difficult attribute to come across. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Kurtis Gibson strives to bring together forthright lyrics with catchy hooks in his blend of country-tinged, indie/folk-rock. Though he is only 19 years old, his lyrics have been described as ‘beyond his years’ and his melodies ‘captivating’. With a debut EP (The Note We Started On, 2011) out now, and a few years of experience playing at local venues and festivals (including opening for Juno-nominated group NQ Arbuckle and acclaimed Indie-pop band Forest City Lovers), Kurtis Gibson and his talented band continue to write new songs and release demos in an attempt to perfect their craft. Keep an eye on this young talent while he continues to play locally and hopefully beyond in the near future.


Doug Voice

Winnipeg, MB

Doug Voice was born in Vancouver , B.C. but quickly made the move to the prairies and has made Winnipeg his home with his wife Kathy.   As a child he took  classical piano lessons for 7 years, played in many teen bands, recorded and lived in Toronto during the 70’s, now has a pro tools home studio since 2007 in Winnipeg.

He released and produced his first solo album “Wait” in 1999 and since then has come out with “Goodbye Carriage Road”, “I’ve Come A Long Way”, “Singer Songwriter”, and his latest, “You Can’t Rush Me.”

With Santana, Beatles, Bob Dylan, and many other great rock influences Voice writes beautiful lyrics and acquires the musicianship to back it up, providing a well-rounded performance.

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Steve Wiebe

Winkler, MB

From Winkler, Manitoba, Steve has been playing guitar and writing songs since 1996. An avid music lover, he recorded his first album, entitled “Anonymous” in 2004. Since then he has played shows across southern Manitoba.

Steve’s songs feature honest and genuine lyrics, blended with an acoustic sound, comparable with Dallas Green or Great Lake Swimmers. Working in a studio space in his house, Steve is currently recording his second album, entitled “Happy Accidents”, due to release in summer of 2012.

Check out his music at “Steve Wiebe Music” on facebook, or at

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Ed Goertzen

Portage La Prairie, MB

Ed Goertzen was raised on a farm in southern Manitoba where music was a very important part of his family. After high school he studied jazz in Vancouver and is now a music teacher in Portage la Prairie. Influences for Ed growing up included country classics, Johnny Cash, and Dean Martin. He is often compared to Martin Sexton and John Mayer. Ed has developed his own style of jazz, blues and roots and is now recording his own music. In his music career he has opened for Doc Walker and has played for sold out audiences.

You Tube

Contact Info:

Travis Braschuk

Winnipeg, MB

My name is Travis Braschuk, I am from Winnipeg, But am currently living and going to school at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I have been playing music since the age of 8. I released my first EP last year called Waiting To Fly, and I have spent this past year writing, learning and performing my music across Nova Scotia. I was recently just voted the #1 Musician at St.FX and made it to the Finals throughout the country in the Open for Lights” Contest held by the student life network and CIBC where University students across Canada submit their music and get voted on by their peers to open for
renown musician Lights. My musical heroes vary in genres and style, but all in my opinion are phenomenal musicians and writers. Some of my heroes are John Butler, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Del Barber, JD Edwards, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. Music is my drive and what I am most passionate about and I will continue to play my music until the day I die.

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Stonewall and Stony Mountain, MB

Our names are Madison Reimer and Cory Sulyma and we are a Folk-Country duo called “Horisonme”.
We are from Stonewall and Stony Mountain, Manitoba.

We have performed in opens mics around Winnipeg and at local coffee house.  Cory and I have participated in Winnipeg Idol at Dylan O’Connor’s and made it to the finals, partcipated in Busking Downtown through Manitoba Music and placed third at the Morris Stampede talent contest. Recently we performed at a fundraising event being hosted by the “CFRY” Portage La Prairie radio station and won “Most Promising Performers” of the night.

Madison was also fortunate enough to be accepted into the “Young Performs Program” last year and we are hoping to be accepted this year as a duo.
Currently Madison is part of a music management program at Manitoba Music and I’m looking forward to the out come of that.
She has taken four years of professional voice lessons, and three years of guitar. Recently, she has been taking piano lessons while learning the mandolin on the side.

Cory plays the drums, harmonica and guitar. He plays the harmonica along with his guitar in most of our originals.
Some of our inspirations are Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Avett Brothers, Sarah Harmer, and many more.

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The Psychics

Winnipeg, MB

Paige Drobot spent her school years in her parents Morden, MB basement playing guitar, and grew comfortable as a performer by busking nearly every Thursday at Morden’s Farmer’s Market. She moved to Winnipeg and enrolled in the Jazz Studies Program at the Marcel A. Desaultels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba where she met like minded bassist Cody Valentonis (Lac Du Bonnet). Together they had been constantly progressing in their songwriting and playing around southern Manitoba with a friend on drums, but it wasn’t until current drummer Kerrigan Salnikowski (Winnipeg) committed to the band, that they had the right formula. Now, The Psychics are busy recording their psychedelic tinged progressive rock music made accessible by what they endearingly refer to as “the pop curse.”


Jason Friesen

Winkler, MB

“That songs belongs on the radio.”    -Chuck Van Dale, The Eagle 93.5

From the time he was four, Jason Friesen has been onstage singing his heart out. To his entire family, singing and performing are like eating and breathing, playing at Gospel Festivals, church basements, and revival meetings. And after a 5-year mission term in Belize, Central America, they even started translating and performing songs in Low german, their first language. Since he got his first guitar at age 8, Jason knew he wanted to play. As a family, they swap instruments around to make your head spin.

But as he got older, he felt more and more the need to share his own voice. With icons like Brad Paisley, Switchfoot, and a little Springsteen for flavour, he started playing more on his own. He felt the need to express his own ideas, grabbing inspiration from The Other Brothers, Bill Dowling and John K. Samson. Writing called to him, and he couldn’t be shut down.

While he spends many hours on the farm, harvesting grain and feeding cattle, Jason dreams of heading off to Nashville and fulfilling those dreams, though he won’t admit that too loudly. Based on his small town roots and humble upbringing, Jason brings honesty, hard work, and a farm-boy attitude to the music scene.

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Lindsay Rae

Winkler, MB


Lindsay Rae is a Country/Pop artist from Southern Manitoba who has frequented many prairie festival stages such as the Carman Country Fair, Winkler Harvest Festival, Altona Sunflower Festival, Plum Fest, and Morden Corn and Apple Festival with the ‘Lindsay Rae Band’. Lindsay’s fun loving spirit, her love of story-telling and passion for inspiring people resonates through her lyrics and beautiful melodies. In 2012, Lindsay wrote and recorded the single, ‘Love Like Katie’ which helps to raise money for the Katie Cares Charity. In 2015, Lindsay was nominated for 2 Manitoba Country Music Association Awards, and released her first Self-titled Country/Pop EP. Lindsay Rae can also be found performing at numerous coffee houses, house concerts and more intimate stages as a solo artist.

Aside from performing, Lindsay has been involved in many score writing projects for theatre companies as well as stage acting.


Contact Info:



Lakes and Pines

Morden, MB


“The Lakes and Pines sound is a fully realized, comfortable soundscape, led by singer/songwriter Patrick Simoens’ gentle acoustic melodies and hushed, lilting alto. The songs are fleshed out by ethereal string crescendoes, atmospheric electric guitar … and pinned down by a solid, fluid rhythm section.” 

— John Kendle (Winnipeg Free Press)

“Folksy, rocking, with deep and thoughtful lyrics – “Peace Comes at Last” is a terrific and confident first album from a group that I very much hope will experience a long and successful career. Be advised, though: the group’s music is not for the absent-minded listener.  Songs like “Boy Scout Jamboree” and “Big Change Coming” can provoke some rumination (or they should); the album will leave you thinking deep thoughts whilst simultaneously appreciating the musical package in which they are wrapped.”

— L (Great Dark Wonder)

Peace Comes at Last” is available digitally and physically at


Jessica Rachelle

Singer/songwriter, Jessica Rachelle is from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Her passion for music has led her through piano lessons, choral singing, teaching through the Royal Conservatory of Music, guitar and songwriting. Jessica’s sound has been influenced by artists such as Sheryl Crow, JJ Heller, and Kendall Payne. As her songs are inspired by personal experiences, both her own and those of close friends, they are heartfelt expressions of her love of life and compassion for others.

Katie MacDonald

From the heart of the prairies comes a singer/songwriter passionate about making music. Having learned guitar several years ago, Katie MacDonald started writing her own music shortly there after. Her music is accompanied by stories and her songs are based on themes that a wide demographic can relate to and interpret in their own way. Her unique, warm vocals leave you feeling satisfied and at ease. This all comes together to create a unique style some have described as folk/pop. Katie is always eager to perform and have her music heard.